Imperial Evergreen Casket Corporation is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We are funeral advocates for those who want to create the most meaningful event based on the budget they have. We help in the planning process by providing resources and advice whether is is at the time of death or in the pre-planning process. If you are pre-planning we have links to reliable companies that can provide the best products such as insurance. We will help in thoughtful and caring ways that honor your feelings and circumstance.

Our Blog introduces a way for anyone to tell their story of those they remember and who want to share their thoughts and experiences with others. Storys are the basis of life as stories convey life past, present and future.

Imperial Evergreen Casket has been in operation since 1913.


Evergreen Life Planning

This blog is designed to help you personalize and plan for life events that makes sense for the situation at hand

Please join us here for thoughts and ideas on all aspects of the funeral process and how to make it fit your needs.

We call it Evergreen Life Planning. Plans that free you from the pitfalls and distress caused by more traditional methods.

Pre-planning a Green Funeral tip is to purchase the shroud in advance at a reduced cost. See shrouds at Evergreen by Diana