Planning for Change

Life presents us with our daily challenges. We know that these challenges are easier to manage when we confront them with a plan. One item which hits us is death. Death is inevitable with the only unknowns being when, how, why and where?

This blog post is meant to help in planning for events that we know will present themselves sooner or later. The population of North America is aging as the Baby Boom generation enters its epoch. As baby boomers we are experiencing death more often as our friends, families and the world around us is shows us our mortality.

Death is one of those life events that is always a burden emotionally and financially as it presents a whole set of new challenges to manage. The challenges become easier to deal with if there is a plan in place. The basic plan item is a will. The complexities of where we live and what we have accomplished can create a whole myriad of details that need to be dealt with at specific times. Making sure that the plan works is usually achieved with the help of a professional estate planner. A plan should be started as soon as there are dependants to consider as they become a participant to the plan. Once started the plan needs to be reviewed and revised as we age or as life changing events challenge the status quo. A basic plan is to help and aid the people you will leave when you die. A basic plan helps when death is unexpected. A more detailed plan is needed when death becomes more of a statistical inevitability.

End of Life planning is a personal and soul seeking challenge as we are presented with answering the questions we avoid. Few like to consider their own mortality let alone that of their family members.  Answers to all of these questions expose many myths and wrong information. The speed at which we do our end of life plan depends on each person and family. Setting up a plan or adjusting an existing plan should not be done hastily.

Creating an End of Life plan can be an emotional experience and time-consuming exercise in which patience and intelligent thought needs to be the focus.

Many cities and regions in North America are seeing the growth of End of Life planning professionals. Before you consider purchasing a Pre-Need Funeral Insurance plan you need to consider your needs with an independent advisor. The whole pre-need insurance industry is fraught with dangers and pitfalls. The right plan will save you in a variety of ways which will be the subject of a future blog post.

The End of Life planning should always be done with someone who is experienced in the funeral industry and is independent of the funeral providers. An independent professional will be able to provide an unbiased and resource based guide to your specific needs.





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